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Create a violence-free environment

Edward Epp painting EFP

“This is a unique project. It will teach how to create a violence-free environment, in homes and schools and in the country as a whole. ” ~The Senior Deputy High Representative, Ambassador Dr. Matei Hoffmann

Summit devoted to children

Unity-based Conflict Resoultion

“On the occasion of the Summit devoted to the children, we recommend this program to all nations for consideration…” – Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations, May 2002

Changing the way we teach

Painting Edward Epp EFP

“As a result of participating in the EFP project, my way of teaching has changed, my relationships with students has changed… all for the better.” ~Teacher, Secondary School, BiH (2001)

EFP provides a framework

EFP Training BiH

“EFP provides a framework for achieving an advanced human society that is both practical and universal…”  ~Yolanda Cowan, Rotary World Peace Scholar