Welcome to Education for Peace

Welcome to the Education for Peace (EFP) Blog!

The wish for peace has always occupied a special place in the hearts and minds of people. However, humanity forever has lived in conditions of conflict and violence. And now it seems that many people have given up on the idea of peace and have concluded that we humans are by nature violent. This is a devastating and wrong conclusion. The purpose of this site is to discuss the nature of peace, the requirements for peace, and the way we as individuals and communities of people could create peace—inner peace, interpersonal peace, inter-group peace, global peace.

We will begin with the role of the individual in creating peace. We have a choice regarding peace. We have a choice to be peaceful or filled with anxiety, fear, and anger. We have a choice to be a unifier or create conflicts and animosities. We have a choice to make peace-creating decisions or conflict-creating decisions. We can resolve our differences peacefully or vengefully. We have a choice regarding justice, regarding equality, regarding universality. We are free agents in the arena of life and we are capable of creating truly free, just, and peaceful families, communities, nations, and the world.

But to accomplish these we need to learn the ways of peace. We will begin by focussing on the fundamental requirements and principles of peace and on how we can put them into action in our lives. And this is what we hope to do together.

You are most welcomed to join us in this task. We deeply appreciate your comments, questions, and suggestions.

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