Law of Unity - Part Four

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Part 3 - Humanities Development Towards Unity

Humanity is moving into its stage of collective maturity. Here are some steps we have seen in humanity’s march towards true unity:

  • The successive creation of family, clan, tribe, state, and nation.
  • Our limited, but significant, unities in respect to issues of religion, race & culture.
  • In recent years we have achieved considerable unity of thought about the undeniable, but grievously ignored, fact that women are equal to men, and that peace and tranquility could not be achieved if women continue to be denied their rightful, equal place in the administration of human affairs.

There are other examples of unity in human history, but they are all limited unities and, as such, have limited results. They even may cause serious disunity. The primary requisite, which assures a permanent and stable unity, is the consciousness of the oneness of humanity.

Humanity has always been one.

However, our consciousness of this oneness has been greatly limited due to the self-centered and identity-based preoccupations of earlier stages of our development. It is only after childhood and adolescence that we gradually begin the see humanity as one and ourselves as an integral part of this oneness.

Drawing by a student of an EFP elementary school in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Drawing by a student of an EFP elementary school in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The developmental perspective of unity removes one of the most difficult obstacles for its achievement: creating unity while safeguarding and nurturing the diversity that is an essential and undeniable fact of all that exists. In fact, various governments and societies are increasingly embracing the concept of unity in diversity. We will discuss the developmental concept of unity further in future posts.

What examples can you think of that demonstrate the oneness of humanity?

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