The greatest challenges before humanity at the start of the 21st century are conflict, violence, terrorism, and war along with their terrible consequences of poverty, disease, despair, environmental destruction, and poor leadership. These challenges are present at all levels of human life—family, school, community, society, and globally.

While considerable resources have always been, and still are, spent to offset the costly ravages of conflict, violence, and war and to pay for the high price of military defense and security measures, there are relatively few programs dedicated to a systematic, sustained plan of action to educate children and youth, create families, and build communities in ways that reflect the principles of peace.

Paradoxically, our greatest opportunity at this time in history is the fact that we have sufficient resources to create a universal civilization of peace—united and diverse, equal and just, prosperous and benevolent, scientifically progressive and spiritually enlightened, technologically advanced and environmentally healthy.