EFP offers consulting services to government, NGOs, international humanitarian foundations, corporations, religious organizations, universities, schools, and other segments of society. Core consultancy areas include:

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive strategies for education reform through creating peace-based curriculum programs.
  • Leadership for Peace, which is aimed at equipping leaders, administrators, and senior managers—in public and private organizations—with the knowledge and skills for successful peace-centered leadership.
  • Creating violence-free environments in families, schools, communities, and societies.
  • Creating a Culture of Healing, which is a process designed to help whole populations of individuals, both adult and children, victims as well as perpetrators, to overcome the after-effects of severe psycho-social, as well as moral-spiritual trauma from severe conflict, violence, and war, or other atrocities amongst themselves. The culture of healing rests on the concept of unity-in-diversity, and is based on a definition of health—state of unity in its fullest sense.

EFP designs its consultancy to meet the specific needs of the organizations or individuals involved.