Month: December 2011

A Question of Life and Death

“Are you going to die?” a five year old asked me. “Yes, but I don’t know when”, I answered. “My mom is dying soon”, he said. In my professional life as a physician I worked with many dying people, both old

EFP Partnership Receives Government Funding in British Columbia Canada

BC Embracing Our Humanity

Embrace BC – a government-led initiative that provides funding opportunities for community-based anti-racism and multiculturalism projects – awarded TM New Media and the International Education for Peace Institute funding to create education resources that help strengthen diversity and overcome racism.

EFP Integration in the Education System of Bosnia and Herzegovina

EFP-Balkans, in collaboration with the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been able to secure a 2.5 year grant from the Government of Norway for the period from July 2008-December 2011. This multi-year project is designed to ensure that