Peace is the fruit of human maturation – Humanity is coming of age.

apple tree bearing fruit




Image: Arvind Balaraman /

2011 witnessed significant awakening of the masses of humanity in all parts of world: Arabic countries, Worldwide 99/1 Movement, election demonstrations in Russia, etc. Humanity at last is coming of age and we are entering the long-awaited global civilization of peace.

Peace is the fruit of human maturation and the level of development of human consciousness and worldview. Human societies go through similar stages of collective development as every one of us do in the course of our lives. Thus, various societies function collectively according to the mindsets of childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. These stages are reflections of the stage of development of our consciousness and the nature of our understanding of life, its process, purpose, and the types our relationships. During the first and second stages of human collective development—childhood and adolescence—issues of survival and security, power and pleasure, competition and winning are the main preoccupations of people and governments alike. History is an account of humanity’s continuous preoccupation with these issues until the present time. However, as humanity comes of age and puts its childhood and adolescent perspectives behind, a new level of consciousness will direct the affairs of humanity, and a more mature, peaceful civilization will come to be.

In the civilization of peace, the safety and survival of all members of the world community will be assured. Pursuit of excellence and cooperation will replace the follies of excessive competition and quest for ascendancy over others. Peace is only possible when humanity comes of age. In other words, biological, psychological, social, and political progress are, neither separately nor together, sufficient for creation of a civilization of peace. They are all necessary but not sufficient. Peace also requires adoption of a moral, ethical, and spiritual frame of reference based on principles of truth, unity in diversity, justice, and compassion.

I believe that these are issues that the masses of humanity are seeking now and for many years to come. Humanity is coming of age.