ISBN: 978-0-9782846-1-9
Authors: H.B. Danesh, S. Clarke-Habibi, S. Makortoff
175 pages, 8.25" x 11"
Language Versions: English
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Aimed primarily at secondary school students, the two volumes of the Education for Peace Student Manual present a total of nine units on concepts that are integral to a creating a culture of peace, a culture of healing, and a culture of excellence in our school communities.

Volume 1 engages students in a critical and constructive examination of:

  • Principles & Prerequisites of a Culture of Peace
  • Conflict-Based and Peace-Based Worldviews
  • Theories of Human Nature
  • The Origins of Human Violence
  • Developmental Perspectives on Human Life & Society
  • Humanity’s Transition to a Civilization of Peace


Each unit is divided into multiple sections which guide students with:

  • Clear learning objectives
  • Anticipation activities
  • Rich conceptual immersion in student-appropriate language
  • Core concept summaries
  • Key questions for understanding
  • Interdisciplinary activity and project ideas
  • Links to online sources for further exploration of key themes

Companion resources include the Education for Peace Curriculum Manual (for teachers), and the interactive e-learning CD-Rom for students, EFP-WORLD (in English and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian versions).

“This project has taught us new approaches to conflict, and how to live in peace with ourselves and with others. Education for Peace taught us how to create our lives without violence in our homes, schools and the whole country.” - Student