Education for Peace Student Manual – Book 2



ISBN: 978-0-9782846-2-6
Authors: H.B. Danesh, S. Clarke-Habibi, S. Makortoff
175 pages, 8.25″ x 11″
Language Versions: English
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Aimed primarily at secondary school students, the two volumes of the Education for Peace Student Manual present a total of nine units on concepts that are integral to a creating a culture of peace, a culture of healing, and a culture of excellence in our school communities.

Volume 2 engages students in critical and constructive examination of:

  • Concepts of Power, Authority & Leadership for Peace
  • Concepts & Dimensions of Conflict
  • Modes of Conflict Resolution
  • The Nature & Dynamics of Human Violence
  • Violence-Prevention Strategies
  • Foundations for a Culture of Healing in Violence-Affected Communities

Each unit is divided into 3-4 sections which guide students with:

  • Clear learning objectives
  • Anticipation activities
  • Rich conceptual immersion in student-appropriate language
  • Core concept summaries
  • Key questions for understanding
  • Interdisciplinary activity and project ideas
  • Links to online sources for further exploration of key themes

Available companion resources include the Education for Peace Curriculum Manual (for teachers), and the interactive e-learning CD-Rom for students, EFP-WORLD (in English and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian versions).

“My generation and the next generations have to do everything in our power to improve the condition of the world if we want to have a better and nobler life. Participating in EFP has helped me to gain a different view of my surroundings and of life in general. It has been a big and important change for me.” – Student