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Education for Peace (EFP) creates a civilization of peace by assisting individuals, families, schools, communities and groups to prevent conflict, strengthen inter-group cooperation and apply the principles of unity-in-diversity, equality and justice.

Today Education for Peace is creating peace on three continents, affecting the lives of millions of people around the globe.

EFP is implemented by the International Education for Peace Institute as well as EFP organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, and the United States. In partnerships with governments, foundations, non-governmental organizations, schools, and individuals, EFP continues to expand its service to the development of peace throughout the world.

NEW BOOK FROM EFP: The Unity-Based Family – An Empirical Study of Healthy Marriage, Family, and Parenting

A clinically based study of the main characteristics of healthy marriage, family, and parenting. It is of special interest to health professionals, educators, policy-makers, as well as inquisitive readers searching for answers to the challenges of contemporary family life. Read the News Release.


Read the inspiring report on the Education for Peace Event held in May 2015 in the City of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The above is a link to the Google translated document. The reference to ‘National Theatre’ is a false translation and should read Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK)). You may also read the report for the 2013 Education for Peace Event.


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