EFP-PROJECTS (as of December 2011)

Projects in Progress

A. Field Projects

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina Comprehensive Education for Peace (EFP) Program
  2. Bermuda Youth Peacebuilders Network (YPN) Project
  3. “Embrace our Humanity Project” in collaboration with the Government of British Columbia, Canada and TM NewMedia, Victoria, BC (Completed)
  4. New York Youth Peacebuilders Network (YPN) Project
  5. “Peace and Family” Program with Service and Research Foundation of Asia on Family and Culture (SERFAC)

B. Research/Publications

  1. 11-volume Education for Peace Integrative Curriculum Series. Five volumes of this series have already been published, one more volume will be released in Spring 2012, and the remaining volumes will be published following update and revision.
  2. Two new academic papers based on research and experience in application of EFP were submitted for publication in 2011.

Projects in Planning

A. Peace Education in Conflict-afflicted regions

In the course of past six years (2006–2011), extensive consultation and planning has been done with NGO partners in several countries.

We are currently seeking governmental, non-governmental and philanthropic partners to introduce the EFP programs into Cyprus, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. We welcome new partners from any part of the globe.

Kindly contact info@efp.pathwisedev.ca

B. EFP-World

EFP-International plans to offer its Education for Peace Integrative Curriculum in electronic format in the six languages of the United Nations and other major world languages, free of charge to all schools and communities around the globe.

We are currently also seeking partners for realization of this consequential project.

Kindly contact info@efp.pathwisedev.ca

Community Service Projects

EFP-International is a not-for-profit organization and offers its expertise in areas of Education for Peace, Peace-based Leadership, Peace-based Conflict Resolution, Youth Peacebuilders Network, and Unity-based Family, to communities, everywhere, at cost.

For details contact info@efp.pathwisedev.ca