The main purpose of Education for Peace is to develop and implement programs that foster a culture of peace and a culture of healing in communities around the world that are struggling to cope with the effects of conflict, injustice and violence.

Through in-depth, systematic and sustained programs of peace education, every generation of new leaders and citizens is equipped with the necessary insights and skills to decrease the occurrence and intensity of conflict, to prevent its descent into violence and war and, and more importantly, to dedicate its resources and energies to the creation of a sustained and progressive civilization of peace.

By actively supporting EFP, you can effectively help to create a peaceful world, free from violence, war, and their pernicious impacts on life and civilization. There are many ways you can Invest in Peace and make a difference!

How to Contribute?

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You may also wish to send your donation by mail. Upon receiving your donation, we will issue a tax-deductible charitable receipt. EFP will utilize the funds from the donation at its discretion for any of our programs, unless specified by you.

Cheque(s) can be mailed to:

Education for Peace-Canada
208--1875 Lansdowne Road
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8P 1A9

Please make cheques payable to: EFP-Canada (Invest in Peace Fund)

For information on any of the following programs and how you can contribute please contact us at

  • Create an Endowment
  • Sponsor a Classroom
  • Sponsor a School
  • Establish a Scholarship