The Education for Peace Institute of the Balkans (EFP-Balkans) is registered as a non-profit and charitable non-governmental organization (NGO) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of EFP-Balkans is to facilitate the creation of a culture of peace in the Balkan region through education.

EFP-Balkans is a registered field office of the International Education for Peace Institute, Switzerland and is situated in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. EFP-Balkans receives counsel from the international EFP faculty and consultants, consisting of outstanding individuals from the academic, social and philanthropic segments of society.

The goal of the Education for Peace (EFP) project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is to build a lasting foundation for inter-group and inter-ethnic peace in the whole Balkan region. To achieve this overarching goal, the project focuses on the achievement of the following four main objectives:

  1. To equip participants of the programs offered by EFP-Balkans with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence to resolve conflicts peacefully and to create violence-free environments in elementary and secondary schools and all communities throughout BiH and eventually, in all countries in the region;
  2. To create mechanisms for teachers, students, administrators, support staff and parents to actively participate in the building of inter-ethnic harmony, democracy and a culture of peace in the school community and wider society;
  3. To assist traumatized children and adults in the process of psychological recovery by creating a culture of healing in the participating communities;
  4. To evaluate the effectiveness of the BiH EFP program for expansion across the country and eventually to other Balkan countries.

Staff of EFP-Balkans

  • Naghmeh Sobhani, Director
  • Sanna Heikkinen, Project Manager, EFP-World
  • Nermana Šukali?, BiH Coordinator, EFP-World
  • Arijana Bali?, Senior Translator and Media Relations Officer
  • Alma Šabanovi?-Alikadi?, Translator


The EFP-Balkans Constitution is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format:

For information about, or to contact EFP-Balkans, please contact: