Education for Digital Peace

Education for Digital Peace is an initiative of Education for Peace International that promotes literacy in peacemaking and conflict prevention, and its application in online settings.

Our ability to make peace with others enables peaceful relationships that are the basis of good reputation and trust, both of which are social capital essential to our flourishing in a network-driven era. In the absence of this peacemaking capacity, conflict emerges. Digital technology enables any conflict to acquire a searchable and persistent online dimension that can be communicated and exposed to a much broader network of people. A digitally mediated social environment augments both the reward for peacemaking and the stakes of conflict.

Education for Digital Peace brings peace building into our interaction with digital technologies. Through integrating core principles of proactive conflict resolution with cutting-edge research relating to the Internet and digital technologies, Education for Digital Peace educates on the social implications and requirements of our digital connectivity and designs social architecture that meets the needs of the digital age.