The International Education for Peace Institute (EFP-International) is a research, training and community development agency, registered in Switzerland as an independent, not-for-profit association. The Institute is governed by a Board of Directors and receives counsel from an International Advisory Board comprised of outstanding individuals from the academic, social and philanthropic segments of society. EFP-International coordinates the activities of its sister agency, EFP-Balkans, occasionally partnering with them on projects.

The mandate of EFP-International includes:

  • Development of a universal core curriculum in Education for Peace to be tailored for various languages through the Internet and other media;
  • Development of a core curriculum for Leadership for Peace in the context of the emerging global society and offering the program to government, civic, NGO, and business leaders;
  • Offering in-class and media-based Education for Peace programs at elementary and secondary schools in countries where the ravages of prejudice, war, terror or rapid social, economic and cultural change have created conditions of insecurity and conflict in families, schools and communities;
  • Establishment of a comprehensive on-line library on issues pertaining to peace education;
  • Conducting research on the principles of Education for Peace and Leadership for Peace;
  • Offering specialist training in the principles and skills of peace education, Conflict-Free Conflict Resolution (CFCR), peace leadership and the creation of violence-free environments;
  • Offering consulting services to governmental and non-governmental agencies regarding issues of conflict, violence, leadership and peace.