Month: January 2012

Peace is the fruit of human maturation – Humanity is coming of age.

      Image: Arvind Balaraman / 2011 witnessed significant awakening of the masses of humanity in all parts of world: Arabic countries, Worldwide 99/1 Movement, election demonstrations in Russia, etc. Humanity at last is coming of age and

The Spring Education for Peace newsletter is here!

“The children all over the world are in need of peace and security. … We recommend this program [EFP] to all the nations for consideration, as a model of society oriented towards peace, cooperation, and development.” ~Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina

An Interesting “New Year’s Resolution”

“The Education for Peace Integrative Curriculum is designed on the premise that the over-riding prerequisite for peace is the consciousness of the oneness of humanity within the operation of a unity-based worldview. Not until we realise that we are all