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Among the primary laws of life is the Law of Growth. Growth is an inherent quality of every living entity and a sign that healthy life processes are present. Both individuals and societies are subject to the law of growth, as are all biological and social organisms. No living entity is exempt from the law of growth. Where growth is observed, life exists. Where no growth takes place—or where the opposite of growth, i.e., decline or decay, is present—life itself is in danger or has already ceased to exist. Growth and life are mutually interdependent: life creates growth and growth maintains life.

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While the principles of life and growth are clearly observed and understood in the biological sciences, their operation in sociological entities (such as the family; economic, educational, religious, and political institutions; and society as a whole) is not fully appreciated or understood.

In plants and animals, the course and limits of growth are predetermined, whereas in human beings, growth is determined in great part by our choices. Human beings are not only subject to biological growth but also experience intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth. As human growth is as much qualitative as it is quantitative, we may also refer to it by the term “development.”
We hope you enjoyed this brief look into the law of growth. Please join us again when we discuss different dimensions of human development.


Growth describes predetermined quantitative and qualitative change, complexity, and expansion.
Development describes positive, primarily qualitative, change resulting from a process of maturation, enhancement, and specialization on the axis of consciousness.

What is growth? How do we promote growth in ourselves? What is the difference between growth and development?

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    What is growth? How do we promote growth in ourselves? What is the difference between growth and development?