Law of Unity- Part Two

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Unity is

Unity is the precondition for all healthy lifeprocesses: physical, biochemical, biological, ecological, psychological, social, political, moral, or spiritual.  Without unity, life cannot exist.  Life is an extraordinary condition emerging from the coming together of two or more entities in a condition of unity.  Life is the outcome of unity and is sustained as long as the condition of unity is maintained. Expressed differently: unity is life and life is unity. This phenomenon is observed at all levels of existence and in all forms of life.



Unity is the purposeful integration of two or more unique entities in a state of harmony and cooperation, resulting in the creation of a new, evolving entity, usually of a higher order.

The following are some examples of the principle of unity is life, life is unity:


biologicalOn the biological level, the sperm and ovum come together in the womb of a mother and, although very different, create a new life of much greater order once the single cells unite.



physicalOn the physical level, electrons and neutrons come together and create an atom, the basic unit of all material existence.




In the human body, atoms, cells, organs, and systems function together in a unified whole in order for the body to live, grow, and remain healthy.



In the social realm, individuals and groups unite to form families, communities, and societies.


Whenever diverse components are brought together in a condition of unity, a new and higher state of life can emerge.  When the parts of our body function in a harmonized and unified manner, the body is alive and healthy. When our relationships are characterized by unity, our social systems (families, organizations, cities) thrive.  When our thoughts, feelings, and actions are unified with each other and are in harmony with universal ethical principles, we have inner peace. As long as unity is maintained, life continues. In contrast, whenever unity breaks down, so does life: conflicts appear, resulting in disorder and ultimately destruction.

Consider what happens to the human body when the unity and homeostasis maintaining the health of all the body’s systems are undermined? The body becomes sick; and if the illness remains untreated, the physical disunity may even threaten that person’s life.  Indeed, when we understand the importance of unity in maintaining life and health, we can readily recognize that the absence of unity is a common factor underlying all conflicts, illnesses, and general lack of progress.  This is a fundamental law of existence.

We hope you enjoyed our first look into the Law of Unity. Please join us next time where we will be discussing Unity in Diversity.

If unity is a law of life, why do we see so much conflict and turmoil in the world?

Please join us in the discussion below!


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One comment on “Law of Unity- Part Two
  1. Madut Nyok says:

    It has been a wonderful topic about unity that I have ever read in my life. The topic has inspired me to do more in search of unity in our broken societies across the globe. This is just the beginning and it need all of us to come together in all work of life and work for unity and promote peaceful co-existence in our society.
    I thank EFP team for the job well done on this wonderful topic for unity. The examples used were simply to be understood and relevance to the topic.